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Queen Conch

Stone Crab

Wellfleet Oyster

Wood Duck


Green Turtle

Blue Crab

Juvenile French Angelfish

Adult Hogfish

     Spiny Lobster

Adult French Angelfish

Blue Tang

Juvenile Hogfish.

Saddleback Butterflyfish.

Clark's Clownfish

Spotted Grouper.

Cinnamon Clownfish.

Nassau Grouper

Yellowtail Snapper

Nassau Grouper-A.

Bull Dolphin

Nassau Grouper-B

Moorish Idol

Common Clownfish

Are you looking for artwork of a particular fish or other marinelife? Contact the artist to see what new paintings are "in the works" and as to their availability. Commissions are accepted. Virginia is currently working on a variety of new paintings, offering you additional choices of fish and marine life.

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